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Image by Annie Spratt

PSC Documents

Each of these documents is linked in the narratives and listed here for convenience.

A description of our church to help prospective candidates know a bit more about church before visiting.

A description of Bastrop city and county and anticipated future growth for prospective candidates.

A digital copy of the Pastor Search Handbook produced by the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

A look at the process the search team will follow in searching for a new candidate, broken down by how long we estimate each task will take in a best case scenario.

The results of the survey taken of the church, displayed in bar graph form with corresponding percentages in following tabls.

A more detailed look at the survey results with included explanatory notes and summarized lists of comments left by those surveyed.

A slideshow of the high level takeaways used to form a general profile of CBC as well as a profile for what kind of man the search team will be looking for in a senior pastor for CBC.

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