Your continued financial support of Calvary Baptist Church is greatly appreciated.  There are several ways you can give:

  1. Online through this website

  2. By text through your mobile device

  3. Mail your check to P.O. Box 340, Bastrop, TX  78602

Giving online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the internet.


Give your tithes and offerings securely either online or by text through your mobile device.  It's simple, secure and best of all, only requires a few minutes to complete. We accept the following transaction types:  Credit/Debit Card, Checking or Savings electronic checks.


NOTE: While we accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards and electronic checks, the fees are much lower on electronic checks, so if possible use this option.


If you need more information about online giving, view our Online Giving FAQ, 


For detailed instructions for giving Online or by Text, click the appropriate button below.

  1. Click the Give ONLINE button below.  This will direct you to the Give to Calvary Baptist Church secure payment form.

  2. Enter your gift amount in the Give field, then select the fund in the To field.  At this time, you can give to Tithes & Offerings and the Building Fund.  Additional giving categories are added as needed.

  3. Enter your Email address, if not already populated.

  4. Click Give.

  5. Select the Account Type:  Credit/Debit Card, Checking or Savings

  6. Enter your account information, and click Give.

  7. A Thank You! page will display to confirm that your gift has been successfully received.  Close your browser window to end the secure session.

  8. You will then receive a confirmation email to confirm your transaction.