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Men @ Calvary

The Calvary Men's Ministry exists to BUILD true identities in Christ

and EQUIP one another to LEAD


Just like our CBC mission, the Calvary Men’s Ministry is designed to carry out this mission in the context of demonstrating God’s love, declaring the Good News of the Gospel, and making disciples near and far. We invite all men to join us as we build up and equip one another responsibly for this task.

(Matthew 16:15-18; Matthew 22:37-40; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)


Introducing FIRETEAMS

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Weekly Opportunities

Men's Bible Study - The Grill

Thursday mornings at 7:30, men meet for breakfast, fellowship, and Bible study at the Texas Grill Restaurant,

101 TX-71, Bastrop ~ next to Sonic.

Men's Bible Study - BASECAMP

Thursday evenings at 6:30, Smithville Campus.

Calvary Maintenance 

After The GRILL (approx. 9 AM), guys meet to make campus repairs and keep the facilities in good condition.

Senior Men's Coffee and Chat

Senior Calvary men meet for fellowship and coffee each Tuesday morning at 9 AM at El Corral Lozano,

902 College Street, Bastrop.

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What is a Fireteam?
In military jargon, a fireteam is a small military sub-subunit of infantry designed to optimize "bounding overwatch" and "fire and movement" tactical doctrine in combat. A typical fireteam consists of four or fewer members with a team leader ensuring cohesiveness. For Men@Calvary, a Fireteam is designed to optimize “spiritual overwatch” and engagement of our Calvary mission and vision. It is three to four men living life-on-life, iron-sharpening-iron, for the mission of our personal walk, our families, and our CBC family.


How does a Fireteam work?
Three to four men covenant with one another to meet on a weekly basis for one year. 
While Fireteams are encouraged to meet in person, other means such as social media or online meeting platforms may certainly be used. Each Fireteam will also have access to a Fireteam Coach with whom they can connect for questions and directions.


What does a Team Leader do?
One team member is designated to communicate with the team members and determine each meeting location and time – this role may be rotated periodically. 


How does the meeting time work?
This page will post weekly outlines for the team to follow. Outlines are a guide, not a checklist. Each outline has four parts: 
Weekly Review, Scripture Topic, Discussion Question, and Weekly Application.


How to start a Fireteam in Three Steps:
Step One: Recruit two to three other guys, they don’t have to be from CBC, and register your team here.

Step Two: Set a time and location to meet. 

Step Three: Follow the outlines below.

Seeking a Team to Join or have Questions?


Fireteam Weekly Outlines

Week Of May 1

Weekly Review:

Ask the 5-questions from the 3-Step 1-on-1 Encouragement Process on the last page of your 4G Guide. Or click here for a PDF.

Share how you applied last week's lesson.

Scripture Topic:

Read John 15:5-6

These verses are part of Jesus’ final instructions to His disciples in the upper room prior to His arrest and crucifixion. He lays out a choice – “remain in me” or don’t. Some versions use the phrase “abide in me.” He also is very clear on the results of remaining, or abiding, in Him or not.


Discussion Questions:

What do you think it means to “remain/abide” in Jesus? How does that look today?


Weekly Application:

Commit to 1) starting something this week that will help you remain in Jesus, 2) Stopping something this week that is keeping you from remaining in Jesus.-

Week Of May 8

Weekly Review: 

Ask the 5-questions from the 3-Step 1-on-1 Encouragement Process on the last page of your 4G Guide. Or click here for a PDF.

Share how you applied last week's lesson.

Scripture Topic:

Read Ephesians 2:8-10
As Paul writes to the Ephesians, we are here for a purpose. When we become members of God’s family (created in Christ) we become workers for Him. This is to show the world His goodness. But here’s the interesting part, these good works were prepared for you ahead of time

Discussion Question:

What if we are unprepared for, or ignore the opportunities for, doing His good works?

Weekly Application:

How can we prepare for the opportunities God has for us to do His good works? Make a list of three things you will do this week.


Week Of May 15


Weekly Review: 

Share about a random act of kindness you did for someone else that was done without any expectation of anything in return.
Share how you applied last week's lesson.

Scripture Topic:

Read 1 Peter 5:6-7
Here’s the truth, life is hard, “stuff” is going to happen, and often it is not your fault, or anybody’s fault, and there is nothing you can do about it. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used to strengthen our faith and exhibit our faith to others. Yes, God cares about you, but He also cares about everyone else.

Discussion Question:

What does it mean to “humble yourself” so that you can be “exalted/lifted up?”

Weekly Application:

Write down what you need to "get over" so that you can be used for God’s good works. How will you do this, his week?