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New Groups recently added:

Savage Family: Giddings Area / Sunday 12:00 PM *
Medina Family: Smithville Area / Sunday 1:00 PM *
Pylant Family: Bastrop Area / Sunday 4:00 PM *
Matthews Family: Elgin Area / Friday 7:00 PM
Summers Family: Bastrop Area / Friday 7:30 PM *

(* Kids are welcome)

To connect to a Group, contact the CBC office: or 512-303-1697.

For information on other ongoing groups, download this month's Groups Brochure.

What are Groups@Calvary?

Note: Sunday morning "HYBRID" Groups meeting both in-person and online are listed below.

Groups@Calvary is where we live out our 3D mission to "Demonstrate, Declare, & Disciple.”  At Calvary, we not only have large celebrative worship Gatherings but also smaller Group applications of God’s word for all ages. Groups@Calvary take on three main identities:


  • 4G Groups meet on campus or at various locations (typically in homes) throughout the week. 4G Groups are essential to Calvary’s strategy and a blessing in our journey to understand and apply God’s Word.


  •  Topical Groups  meet on campus or at various locations (typically in homes) and are about 60-90 minutes in length. Here we gather and learn about specific topics and pray for one another (we might eat together too).

  • Women's Agape Groups & Men's Fireteams are smaller groups of 3-4 persons of the same gender. They meet in person or online regularly for spiritual growth and encouragement.  

Everyone who attends our Gatherings is encouraged to be involved in one or more Groups. To find, host, or facilitate a group, talk to our staff, a group facilitator, or the church office.

View and Download a PDF of this month's Groups.

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Sunday Morning "HYBRID" Groups: meeting both in-person and online:


9:00 with Kelly Campbell:

Bastrop Campus Room 101.

Online link. (Recordings: 03/12, 03/19)

10:15 with David Redd:

Bastrop Campus Room 101.

Online Link

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