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Welcome to our Pastor Search Committee webpage

Senior/Lead Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church | Bastrop, TX



Calvary Baptist Church (CBC) seeks God's will in our search for a full-time Senior Pastor. This man must exhibit a genuine call to ministry and the necessary skills of preaching, leadership, and pastoral care and affirm the BFM 2000.  CBC was established in 1971 in Bastrop, TX, and is a loving, caring, and financially healthy church. Our desire is to find the man of God to help fulfill our church mission to lead people to Jesus, by demonstrating God’s love, declaring the good news, and making disciples near and far.


The qualities and attributes of our next pastor should have an emphasis on personal character traits such as holiness, authenticity, teachability, integrity, humility, honesty, passion for the Lord, and a servant heart. Additionally, our pastor should exhibit a commitment to prayer, knowledge of scripture, and a mission-minded attitude. He should be relatable, approachable, and able to work in unity with the current staff.


While a seminary degree is preferred, it is not the determining factor.  We recognize that a combination of education and experience in a successful ministry, as well as a track record of commitment and longevity in previous pastorates are crucial.


Our pastor's leadership responsibilities should include pastoral care, representing the church in the community, and leading by example. There should be clarity on the church's vision and direction, while also being adaptable and willing to appreciate what is already working. All of this should be guided by the leading of the Holy Spirit through a passionate prayer life.

Our Pastor should align with the church's values, mission, and beliefs, which should have an emphasis on growing church members into passionate disciples of Christ. At the same time, he should support and participate in church ministries and outreach activities to have a greater impact on our community in spiritual and practical ways.

Our Pastor should provide transparency and clear communication with the congregation about the church's status and future.  He must address issues with tact and diplomacy, while remaining firm on biblical principles.

The highest priorities should primarily be:

  • Preaching and sermon preparation for expositional messages to a multigenerational congregation.  

  • Directing the overall church vision

  • Investing in church leadership

  • Ensuring quality time with his family 

  • Providing biblical pastoral counseling


You may apply by sending your resume directly to

Position: Senior/Lead Pastor 

  • Status: Full-Time

  • Minimum Level of Education Required: Bachelor's Degree

  • Preferred Level of Education: Graduate/Seminary

  • Minimum Years of Experience: 5-10 in Full Time Ministry


The Pastor should be someone who feels God's unmistakable call on his life to the pastoral ministry of the Church. He should avow an unwavering belief in the authority, inerrancy, and infallibility of all books of the Bible. He should meet the qualifications of a pastor as laid out by scripture in 1 Timothy chapter 3 and Titus chapter 1. 

Education / Certifications / Licenses

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent required; seminary education preferred.

  • Be a licensed Southern Baptist Minister; open to ordination if not already.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • A firm and growing understanding of the Bible and the ability to "rightly handle the Word of Truth" (2 Timothy 2:15).

  • Must possess leadership skills and emotional and spiritual maturity

  • Have strong communication skills.

  • A developed sense of empathy and compassion that manifests itself in love and patience for the congregation and fellow church staff.

  • Must be flexible with an ability to adjust and problem-solve in challenging situations



Calvary Baptist Church (CBC) was founded on September 7, 1971, by a small group of Christians dedicated to serving the Lord with emphasis on the Great Commission, Matthew 28:19-20. God worked through a faithful remnant of believers to continue His work through the years. Within the last ten years, we have grown from an average attendance of less than 70 to the current average attendance of over 500 across our services on Sunday mornings. There are two blended worship services in Bastrop in English, three in Smithville and one Spanish service at the Bastrop campus. CBC is a multi-generational, multicultural, generous, loving church family located in Bastrop, Texas. While our church family is mostly white in ethnicity, we desire to reach all those living in this community.

CBC is an autonomous Baptist church that affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention, Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, and the Bluebonnet Baptist Association. We have campuses in Bastrop and Smithville. The CBC church leadership is organized into three main groups. The Church Council is made up of the Senior Pastor, who is the leader, and lay elders. The Senior Pastor is accountable to this team. The Council is focused on vision, teaching, and new campus selection/direction. The second group is the Management Team who manages the finances, personnel, operations, and other administrative areas. The third group are the Deacons, who assist in ministry and physical needs of the church body. The Management Team and Deacons are accountable to the Church Council.

God enabled us to grow and build our new auditorium in Bastrop in 2017, which can accommodate 350 people. The debt was paid off in December 2021. CBC is currently debt free. God led us to “grow smaller” to reach new areas by starting new campuses around the county. He provided amazing facilities for our Smithville campus which opened in August 2020 and has grown exponentially and is currently seeking God’s direction about becoming an autonomous church.

Our mission is to point people to Jesus by demonstrating God’s Love, declaring the Good News, and making disciples near and far. God’s love is demonstrated as this generous family gives their time, talents, and treasure. Care@Calvary provides meals and loving support to those within our family. There is a benevolence fund to help our family and community in emergencies. Volunteers lead our AWANA program, KOZ program in Smithville, and Sports Camp, and generously give so students and children can go to camp and participate in the Street Reach Mission project each summer. We are involved in the community with our mission partners, Feed the Need Missions, Primera Food Pantry, Born Again Emporium, and Bastrop Pregnancy Resource Center. As we demonstrate God’s love, we have opportunities to declare the Good News.

The Good News of Jesus Christ is the foundation of all teaching, worship services, Wednesday night activities for all ages, quarterly family prayer nights, and small groups meeting in homes and on the campuses. Our services are streamed live from the Bastrop campus each Sunday and the Smithville and Calvario services are posted online. We believe in the inerrancy and authority of the Bible and agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. We make disciples near and far through sound Biblical teaching in our small groups, support of the Southern Baptist mission focuses, and through church-sponsored mission projects (Street Reach Missions) and missionaries. Our staff teaches and encourages us to know our story and God’s story and share them as we go each day.

Calvary believes that there are people living in our community without Jesus. People who live without Jesus die without Jesus. People who die without Jesus spend eternity without Jesus. That needs to change! CBC is prayerfully preparing for God’s next steps in our journey with Him.

Important Links for CBC:

Church Website:

Livestream: Bastrop Campus (classic and modern services)-

Recorded Sermons:

Facebook Groups: CBC Family, Kids@Calvary, Women@Calvary

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